Inspired by this dinner table topic on Wait But Why, I have decided to compile a list of my favourite internet gems. It is not a coincidence that many of them are also listed in the comments of that WBW thread. One might even consider this a curated version of that thread with a humble touch of my own.

Wait But Why Amazing thoughts and ideas. For example this one. This kid is going places…
The Book of Life Philosophical pondering on the most substantial things in life.
Brain Pickings Spiritual topics, beautiful posters, smart curator. What's not to like?
A Moment That Changed Me Exactly what it says on the cover.
Letters of Note Letters that changed the history.
16 Personalities Personality test with a surprising degree of "wow, how did they know that about me?"
Short of the Week Short videos. Try this one for a start.
Maptia  Reminds me of Medium, except less in your face and with more to say. Go figure. Start here.
Damn Interesting Stories you couldn't make up. Long but well worth it. Start with this one.
Pro Tips  Tips from all areas of life. Brought to you by Instagram of all places.
Gimme Some Oven  Food porn, pure and simple, but also some nice recipes.
Food52  Similar thing, interesting recipes, good photography.
Chef Steps Get better at cooking.
Cabin Porn Speaking of <noun>-porn sites, there is something very calming about this one. Some are just surreal tho.
Ranral Olson's blog Sexy statistics. Yes. Indeed.
A Good Movie to Watch Hidden movie gems.